ZL720 Automatic packaging machine unit 

ZL720 VFFS packaging machine  is suitable for weighing packing dry food with irregular shapes and requiring high measuring accuracy,
For rice, sugar, salt, tea, coffee, detergent powder, desiccant, pet foods, gravels etc fine granules or coarse powder products.

Integrated packaging system, including Linear scale, Z shape bucket loading conveyor with vibratory feeder, weigher platform with stair unit,  automatic bag making machine and accessories units.

1. Adopt high precision and high accurate loadcell of famous brand, resolution is improved up to 2 decimal;
2. Program recovery function can reduce operation failures and support multi-segment weight calibration;
3. No products auto pause function can improve weighing stability and accuracy;
4. 100 programs capacity can meet various weighing requirements and user-friendly help menu contributes to easy operation;
5. Linear amplitude can be adjusted independently in the running;
6. Many languages available for global markets.
All vertical packaging machine models form list :

Model(Roll film width)3204205207201100
Bag Length(mm)50-20050-30050-40050-430300-650
Bag Width(mm)50-15070-18080-25080-350150~535
Max Width of Roll(mm)3204205207201100
Packing Speed(bags/min)30-8030-8020-6010-505-20
Power Voltage (v)220v/380v220V/380v220v/380v220v/380v220v/380v