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This machine are special design for packing granule product  into square bottom bag .It is widely use for packing wheat rice bean grain and similar product .This machine unit are including ZLC4-2000 Four bucket linear weighing machine.one set ZL520 vertical bag forming  filling  machine .one set ZLYB1000 linear bag forming sealing and labeling machine and one set output  conveyor .It can make the nice bag with square bottom  and fold the bag mouth  and labeling .So the finished bag have a nice shape ,pretty outlook .

ZLYB1000 linear model bag forming sealing and labeling machine

This machine is special design for make the gusset bag with top labeling .After the full bag with product drop on this machine .This machine will carry the bag ,go through one time bag mouth folding and then stick the label.The machine frame made by SUS304 .PLC and touch screen adopt by Siemens brand .And Pneumatic parts adopt SMC brand .Main Electrical components adopt Omron and Schneider brand.This machine is working  with automatic packaging machine to reach the finished bag top labeling .This machine can automatic reach the function of the label separated ,Label sending .Label detector and label pressing .